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Oracle Developer

Oracle : What is it?

Oracle is world’s largest RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which is the 1st RDBMS in the world which introduced the concept of Objects in RDBMS because of which it is also called as ORDBMS(Object Relational Database Management System).

Oracle : What it does?

With the help of Oracle, we can create various objects like Tables, Views, Indexes, Cluster, Sequence, Procedure, Function, Package, Triggers, Synonym which will help in storing data in Database and retrieving records on the basis of business logicA very simple example of knowing how Oracle has made our lifes easier is ATM machines installed at various parts of World with the help of which we can do operations on our bank accounts 24*7..
Not only we can withdraw money from ATMs, we can also do various operations like :
• Deposit of Cash / Cheque
• Mini Statement
• Balance Enquiry
• Pin Change
• Cheque Book Request etc.

Developer 9i : What is it?

Developer 9i is a GUI tool (Graphical user Interface) developed by Oracle Corporation its first family member was launched in the Market in the year 1997 keeping the requirements of people of 20th century where business is no more going to be restricted to Stand Alone. The Global Presence of business and the develop of Internet technologies has enabled Developer Forms and Reports to be available on Web Servers because of which the following have changed the way we live our lifes.
• Reservation of Airline/Train Tickets online 24*7.
• Online status of shares of various companies and doing trading through Applications developed in Developer (PowerBulls from IndiaBulls, FinOne from Nucleus    Software, Pinnacle from Infosys to name a few)
• Hospitals, Nursing Homes working 24*7 and maintaining every detail of patients through Applications developed in    D2k.
• Banks providing Internet, Mobile and ATM Banking to the customers of Bank.
Developer 9i has two major parts i.e.
Forms 9i :Forms 9i is used to develop Forms which are used to develop forms which can help the user to do data entry operations along with insert, update, delete and selecting any record on the basis of requirements.
Reports 9i :Reports 9i is used to develop reports that are used for any kind of information display purpose like the following.