About Us

Company Profile

We are a client centric global software development &software training company offering IT services, Consulting services and Knowledge services. We leverage our strong technology expertise and deep industry knowledge to develop customized solutions and services to fit your needs.

Our Software Devlopment Services

Our Software Devlopment Services covers the areas such as for Statistical Analysis & Data Mining,Business Intelligence, Risk Analysis and Simulation, Optimization Solutions, and Econometrics.

Our Web Devlopment Services

Our Web Devlopment Services include creative web-development, e-commerce development, content management, search engine optimization.

Our Training Services

we are confident that all of the training we deliver is at a fantastic standard and are constantly striving to improve and become even better. We believe that training should be well planned, well prepared, fit for purpose and delivered by trainers who are motivational and inspirational, trainers who can make learning interesting and fun, trainers who can and will make a difference to your people and your organization.